【test】Researcher Ismael Ràfols from Polytechnic University of Valencia(UPV)visited SPA and gave a lecture


On December 19, 2018, at the invitation of Director of the Information Resources Management Institute, Ismael Ràfols, science policy researcher at Polytechnic University of Valencia and visiting professor at Leiden University, visited SPA and gave a lecture, “People’s livelihood-orientated R&D investment strategy and a responsible policy evaluation framework”. More than 20 SPA teachers and students attended.


The lecture focused on the sequence of scientific research and the proper use of STI indicators. To determine the priority of R&D investment, Ismael Ràfols suggested that information should be collected through multiple channels, such as publications, public, statistics, experts, stakeholder, etc. This process ensured that the R&D programs can meet the demand of public health as far as possible. Besides, Ismael Ràfols mentioned three points to improve the design and use of STI indicators. First, develop the scientometric research team, promote multi-channel data collection, multi-dimensional data processing and improve diversified visualization technologies. Second, propose flexible quantitative plans for different contexts based on stakeholder participation. Third, explore the potential policy framework and reach the balance between current technological innovation options and alternative technological innovation options through quantitative analysis.

In an audience question and answer session, topics included the mentioned case study and current issues. Ismael Ràfols showed interest to such questions and interacted with students. The lecture ended in the gratitude to Ismael Ràfols.