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  • All international students must apply through the International Education College



    Applicants must be non-Chinese citizens in good health, have graduated from high school, and be under the age of 30. Applicants must abide by Chinese laws and university regulations and respect Chinese people & rsquo;s custom. Applicants to liberal arts and law programs must have a test score of grade 5 in the old version of HSK or score 210 in new HSK grade 4 or above; applicants to science, engineering, agriculture, economics, business, and medical science programs must have a test score of grade 4 in the old version of HSK or score 190 in new HSK grade 4 or above ; applicants to Chinese Language program must have a test score of grade 3 in the old version of HSK or score 180 in new HSK grade 4 or above . For applicants to English-instructed MBBS program, Chinese proficiency is not required.

    For Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan students, please refer to:


    • Classics of Information Resources Management

    • Information Retrieval 

    • Life and Health Insurance

    • Agricultural Economy Management Forefront 

    • Theories of International Politics 

    • American Government and Politics

    • International Political Economics 

    • International Organization

    • Public Administration

      This program focuses on public administration theory and training in its application methods. It encourages students to actively participate in research projects, emphasizing students' practice in government offices, enterprises, and social organizations. Its purpose is to train a kind of composite talents with international vision and local awareness as well as abundant knowledge in administration, management, economics, political science and law. The program aims to enable our students to combine humanistic feelings with scientific literacy, public spirit with professional skills and solid knowledge of administrative management with a strong ability in public policy analysis, which prepare them to engage in administrative management practices and public policy research within government organs, public institutions, large and medium-sized enterprises, financial institutions, international organizations, social groups, etc.

    • Land Resources Management

      Consisting of two directions, land management as well as urban and real estate management, this program aims to cultivate senior professionals with compound theoretical understanding of modern management, economics, land management, urban management and real estate management, basic skills of computer application, surveying, planning and investment analysis, knowledge of relevant policies and regulations as well as qualified abilities in providing such services as management, research, engineering and teaching and employment in the areas of land survey and evaluation, land use planning, cadastral survey, land management, urban management, real estate evaluation, real estate finance, real estate management and administrative management.

    • Labor and Social Security

      The studies and researches of this program focus on the theoretical and practical issues of social security and risk management as well as labor and personnel management. It emphasizes not only basic theory, but also practical skills, so that students can have a complete knowledge structure and strong social management ability. Students are supposed to master the basic theories of economics, public administration, social security as well as business knowledge in labor and personnel management, social security, and risk management in addition to some basic skills in insurance, actuarial science, risk management, and labor relations management, acquaintance with related policies and regulations, with a high level of comprehensive quality and practical competence, which make them competent in both academic studies and management in the fields of labor and personnel management, social security, labor relations and actuarial service.

    • Information Resources Management

      This program offers courses based on expertise and basic skills required for contemporary information resource management. Students will be proficient in knowledge and skills of information resource integration management and e-government system, and will possess core competencies such as information organization, retrieval and analysis. They can skillfully use information technology to collect, organize, process and develop various information resources, which help them become senior professionals of compound and applied type engaged in information resource management positions such as information processing, consultation, and electronic information service in various government departments, public information management departments, public institutions, and enterprises.

    • Politics and Administration

      The program of Political Science and Administration mainly conducts researches on nations and their activities from several perspectives ranging from political theory, political system, political behavior, public policy, public administration, international politics, etc. This program lays emphasis on students’ basic theory and training as well as cultivation of professional thinking, and students are encouraged to choose interdisciplinary courses so as to broaden their knowledge scope. Besides, it highlights the training of social science research methods, attaches importance to social investigation and practice, encourages and creates conditions for outstanding students to study abroad as well as attracts more international students to study here to promote exchanges and communications between Chinese and foreign students.

    • Agricultural Economics Management

      The program of Agricultural Economics and Management is one of the oldest programs in Zhejiang University, with its enrollment of Master degree students starting as early as 1936. This program aims to cultivate senior professionals in the fields of agricultural management or research with basic theories of agricultural economic management, global vision and new economic concepts. Students are required to have solid basic theory and comprehensive methodology and application ability; understand China’s situation and their professional fields, the basic theories and practical methods of agricultural economics management, the latest international standards and Chinese practices for agricultural and forestry economic management; discover, analyze and solve agricultural economics management issues, carry out research; maintain excellent agricultural and forestry economic management leadership, and be qualified for taking professional positions in this field.