Dated back to 1897, Zhejiang University has become a top-ranked comprehensive and research-oriented university in China. It is located in the beautiful city of Hangzhou, which features a unique combination of natural amenity, traditional cultural scenery, vibrant economy, and innovative governance.

The School of Public Affairs in Zhejiang University was created in 2005. It has developed into one of the best public affairs schools in China. The School aims to become a training base for future leaders with public spirit, an academic institution with high-quality research products and global reputation, and a leading think-tank with significant policy influence.

The School has seven departments, including Department of Government, Department of Land Management, Department of Social Security and Risk Management, Department of Urban Development and Management, Department of Information Resource Management, Department of Agricultural economy and management, and Department of Political Science. The School has many programs. Our Master of Public Administration (MPA) program is one of the first several programs in China that are NASPAA-accredited.

The School strives to improve its teaching quality, to strengthen its academic influence, and to promote engaged scholarship with ample significance in policy-making and governance. In the coming years, the School plans to continue raising its international profile, to develop into a first-class world-renowned public affairs school.

We welcome bright students from the whole world! We are constantly recruiting faculty members who can be brilliant teachers and researchers! And we are grateful for all the great support from our alumni and friends!

Jerry Zhirong Zhao

Dean of School of Public Affairs, ZJU