World-class  universities undertake to ‘take world affairs as responsibility’, an  idea that is reflected throughout the motto of the School of Public  Affairs. Since its establishment in 2005, the SPA-ZJU place  international development as one of its core mission. For the past few  years, SPA has made significant achievement and strategic breakthrough  in terms of its internationalization, while facing considerable  challenges and opportunities.

    So far, SPA has formed strategic partnership with dozens of public affairs  schools at universities from overseas and from Hongkong, Macao and  Taiwan, including Columbia University, Cambridge University and Hongkong  University of Science and Technology and etc. With students ‘going  out’, in 2015 about 76 undergraduate and postgraduate students went  abroad to the USA, UK, Canada, Australia, Singapore and so on, and toHongkong,  Macao and Taiwan region for activities including exchange programs and  academic conferences; in 2016 the number adds up to 128. With students  ‘getting in’, in 2015 around 147 foreign students and those from  Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan region came to study at SPA; in 2016 there  were 205.

    In particular, SPA hosts the English-taught Master of Public  Administration program funded by the Bai Xian Education Foundation. Each  year, the program selects a competitive cohort of 15 students from  across Asia, including Japan, Korea, India, Thailand, Burma and so on,  and 15 Chinese student buddies, to form a diverse class of Asian  students as a pool for friendly and constructive exchanges. In addition,  tbe Master in International Relations Program currently has 78  international students from 39 countries.

    In terms of academic cooperation, the School’s academic funding reached  RMB 4,880,000 yuan in AY 2015-16. Meanwhile, there were 43 international  cooperative papers published, with 41 catalogued by SCI/SSCI, 2 by EI.  The School sponsors 3 international journals, including the Journal of Chinese Governance (Routledge), International Journal of Social Quality (Berghahn) as well as Journal of Urban Management (Elsevier),  in cooperation with other institutions. Among SPA’s full-time teachers,  2 have foreign nationality, 3 is from Hongkong, Macao and Taiwan  region, 1 of which is listed in the National One Thousand Plan and is  titled Qiushi Distinguished Scholar.