The Department of Agricultural Economics and Management is one of the two departments that are the first to enroll graduate students (in 1936) in Zhejiang University. The department offers postdoctoral, doctoral, and graduate programs in agricultural and forestry economics and management, as well as undergraduate programs in agricultural and forestry economics and management, and rural regional development. The department has obtained a great achievement in researches based on the Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (simplified as CARD) which is one of the Key Humanities and Social Sciences Research Bases nominated by Ministry of Education Ministry of Education of China and the National Innovation Base for China Rural Development Research. The Agricultural Economics and Management discipline of our department is a key discipline of both state level and provincial level, and one of the prior support disciplines of the National“211 Project”. The agricultural economics discipline has been continuously ranked first during the quadvennial discipline assessment in 2003, 2007, and 2012 by China’s Academic Degree & Graduate Education Development Center (CDGDC).

Chair: Professor: JIN, Shaosheng


Research Programs

Department of agriculture economics and management has undertaken large number of research projects, most of which are funded by the State Ministry of Education, Natural Science Foundation of China, Social Science Foundation of China, international agencies. The main research areas include agricultural and rural development, agricultural organizations and development, land systems, agricultural trade policies, rural finance and management, agricultural structure and food safety, agricultural brand construction, urbanization and rural labor transfer, regional development strategies and models, resources management and environmental analysis, rural economic systems and technological innovation, rural social securities and public policies, rural democracy and legislation, etc.

Faculty members of department of agriculture economics and management have published a large number of English papers in higher qualified journals such as Food Policy, China Economic Review, Journal of Comparative Economics, Journal of Development Studies, and Chinese papers in Economic Research, Management World, Social Sciences in China and etc. Quite a number of academic papers have been indexed by SSCI, SCI and AHCI. And several dozens of academic monographs and translations have been published.


Academic Forum

Department of agriculture economics and management establishes a monthly forum on agricultural and rural development. The reporters and presenters of this forum include famous domestic and overseas scholars, faculty members and postgraduate students.


Academic Exchange

Department of agriculture economics and management has established close academic exchange and cooperation with over 30 research institutions and universities in the United States, the United Kingdom, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and etc. and conducted many influential research projects with these collaborators.

Every year, more than 10 faculty members in department of agriculture economics and management go abroad to conduct researches and attend international conferences. Meanwhile over 20 researchers from abroad, and Hongkong, Taiwan to visit department of agriculture economics and management every year. And more and more domestic and overseas scholars work at department of agriculture economics and management for medium-or-short term research.


Educational Program

Department of agriculture economics and management offers several programs at the different levels in agricultural economics and management, including postdoctor, doctor, postgraduate and undergraduate and visiting research programs. Department of agriculture economics and management aims to train talents capable of agricultural and rural development in China. In 2005, Post-doctoral research station was awarded “Excellent Post-Doctoral Research Station in Zhejiang”.

Over years department of agriculture economics and management has been combining the researches on issues concerning agriculture, farmers and the countryside with the nurturing of the talents, which has been approved by the leaders of the Party and the Central Government. On April 23, 2008, then-Premier Jiabao Wen replied a letter to the students.

Consulting Service

Department of agriculture economics and management provides the central and local governments with consultancy and advice, most of which are viewed and accepted by the leaders from the central and provincial governments. These policy advices include the abolition of agricultural taxes, quickening the development of farmers’ specialized cooperatives, reflections and suggestions on the new round of urban-rural integrated reforms, experience and implications of China’s rural reform over 30 years and suggestions on further reform, migrant workers in the transitional China, deepening the reform of supply and marketing cooperatives, encouraging the cross-provincial industrial operation, suggestions on the rural social security, dealing with five key relations concerning the new countryside construction, implications of the new countryside construction in South Korea, 10 suggestions on narrowing the income gap between urban and rural residents, suggestions on the revision of the rural land clauses in the “Property Law (draft)”, policy suggestions on the food security in the agricultural restructuring, suggestions on developing agricultural production in the new countryside construction.