Program Overview

The Zhejiang University MAE Program is affiliated to the agricultural economics and management studies at the School of Public Affairs, Zhejiang University, which provides strong faculty and academic resources for students in the MAE program. Over three rounds of national first-class discipline evaluation in 2003, 2006 and 2012, Zhejiang University's agricultural economics and management studies ranked first. During the fourth round of national first-class discipline evaluation in December 2017, the discipline of agricultural economics and management was scored A+ and won “the national double first-class construction discipline.”

The Zhejiang University MAE Program aims to train high-level talents who can master theories and tools in economics, sociology, management and development planning to analyze rural development issues and address practical problems for the government, government-affiliated institutions, scientific research institutions and social organizations.


Basic requirements:

(1)   Professionalism and good professional ethics, with a sense of social responsibility to serve the cause of rural development in China.

(2)   Familiarity with current situations and development trends in the field of rural development; master in the theories, methods and tools of rural development to correctly understand and analyze practical problems; and ability to independently perform practical work in the field of rural development.

(3)   Fluency in a foreign language (generally English) and ability to read and summarize Chinese and foreign documents in the field of rural development.  


Course requirements

Core curriculum:

Introduction to Dialectics of Nature

Research on the theory and practice of socialism with Chinese characteristics

Basic English skills for Postgraduates

Postgraduate English ability improvement

Social survey and research methods

Rural development planning

Practical training

Rural public management

Development theory and practice

Modern agricultural innovation and Rural Revitalization Strategy

Graduate thesis writing guidance


Elective courses:

Theory and practice of agricultural extension

Analysis of rural public policy

Poverty alleviation and development in rural areas

Agricultural resources and regional development

Marketing management of agricultural products

Reading Report:

Every postgraduate student is required to complete a reading report or present a seminar 4 times during the semester, at least once in the academic forum of the discipline. This requirement is valued with 2 credits.


Professional practice:

At least 6 months' professional practice experience required.

Thesis proposal:

Students are required to conduct a thesis proposal review at the end of the first academic year or the beginning of the second academic year. Under normal circumstances, students should complete a thesis proposal defense in the following academic year. The interval between the thesis proposal and the final thesis defense shall be at least 6 months. For details, please refer to “The implementation rules of thesis proposal of postgraduates of School of Public Affairs, Zhejiang University.”

Graduation and award criteria:

1. Complete all required courses and meet the minimum course credit requirements for this program.

2. Complete all training and meet relevant requirements.

3. Pass thesis defense.