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  • Postgraduate School of ZJU:


    All international students must apply through the International Education College



    Applicants  must be non-Chinese citizens in good health, have graduated from high  school, and be under the age of 30. Applicants must abide by Chinese  laws and university regulations and respect Chinese people & rsquo;s  custom. Applicants to liberal arts and law programs must have a test  score of grade 5 in the old version of HSK or score 210 in new HSK grade  4 or above; applicants to science, engineering, agriculture, economics,  business, and medical science programs must have a test score of grade 4  in the old version of HSK or score 190 in new HSK grade 4 or above ;  applicants to Chinese Language program must have a test score of grade 3  in the old version of HSK or score 180 in new HSK grade 4 or above .  For applicants to English-instructed MBBS program, Chinese proficiency  is not required.

    For Hong Kong, Macau and Taiwan students, please refer to:


  • Area Studies

    Social Administration and Social Policy

    China's politics and Diplomacy

    The International Comparative Studies on Social Security

    Classics in information science

    Comparative Politics and Government

    Economics Applications in Policy and Planning

    Ethics of Public Administration

    Foreign Policy Analysis

    International Relations in the Asia-Pacific

    Global Development and Global Social Policy

    Management of Public Budget

    Global Political Economy

    Organizational Theory

    Global Security Governance

    Political Science

    History of International Relations

    Public Policy Making   and Analysis

    International Organization and Global Governance

    Social Science Research   Methods

    International Relations Research Methods

    The Nonprofit Sector

    International Relations Theory

    Understanding Local Government in Contemporary China

    International Security   Studies

    Social Policy Studies

    Non-traditional   Security and Global   Governance

    Chinese Government and Politics

    Philanthropy and Charity

    Non-Traditional Security Management II

    Professional English for Demography

    Public Human Resources Management

    Research on Chinese Society

    Research Progress in Information Science

    • Labor Economics

    • Sociology

    • Demography

    • Agricultural Economics and Management

    • Public Administration

    • Educational Economics and Administration

    • Social Security

    • Land Resource Management

    • Public Information Resource Management

    • Non-traditional Security Management

    • Urban Development and Management

    • International Affairs and Global Governance

    • Social Work

    • Rural Development