China Academy For Rural Development, Zhejiang University


The Center for Agricultural and Rural Development (CARD) was founded by Zhejiang University and it's under the direct lead of the university. The main purpose of its foundation is to exert the superiority of research in agricultural and rural modernization as well as the advantage of research in regional economy. And the final purpose is to take active part in China's agricultural and rural modernization. The main functions of CARD are organizing research projects, scholastic communication, and training up high level talents, consultation for momentous decision, training of human resource, publishing the research works and spreading research performance. As to purpose of CARD, it will be developed as a superior, specialized, domestic-top-grade, world-famous institute for academic research and knowledge innovation which is able to solve complex problems in agricultural and rural modernization as well as in regional economy. Meanwhile, it will be a base of training up high level talents, a base of consulting for momentous decisions, a base of human resource training and international cooperation, and information exchange. CARD is a relatively independent entity under the leading of Zhejiang University. An approach called small entity but wide cooperation is adopted in its daily operation, which means that only a few of the key specialists are constant in CARD, most of the employees are mobilizing. Famous experts and specialists are hired as part-time researchers or consultants in CARD on the basis of research projects' requirement or CARD's development requirement. There are several research institutes in CARD. They are Institute of Rural & Agro-economy Development, Institute of Regional Development, Institute of Sustainable Development, Institute of Agro-Brand and Extension, Institute of Research for Farmer Cooperative, and so on.

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