Professor Shi Minjun was interviewed by Zhejiang News : Confidence boosts investment. Policy mix activates internal driving forces for economic recovery.


Financing is the blood of the real economy. Its smooth function proves that economic growth of Zhejiang province is accelerating surviving the pandemic challenges in the past three years.

On Feb. 10, 2023, Professor Shi Minjun, Qiushi Distinguished Professor, Professor of the School of Public Affairs and Director of the Center for Low-Carbon Cities at Zhejiang University, was interviewed by Zhejiang News.

I think what makes strong demand of financing is strong confidence.

Confidence comes from two ways: rapid recovery and sound structure. After the ease of pandemic, Zhejiang introduced “8+4” policy mix immediately. Efforts were made simultaneously for greater innovation, reform and openness. A series of policies that follow the rules of market economy activate the internal demand of economic development.

The driving force of sound structure for economic growth, especially large investment in emerging industries with strategic importance, will be more noticeable in the future.

We have confidence and reason to expect that Zhejiang-style economic recovery will make more contribution to that of the nation.