News | Prof. Chen Zhigang was invited to be a member of the World Economic Forum Global Future Councils


Recently, Professor Chen Zhigang of Zhejiang University, School of Public Affairs, was invited by Børge Brende, President of the World Economic Forum, to become a member of the WEF Global Future Councils.

The World Economic Forum, also known as the Davos Forum, is an international, unofficial body for the study and exploration of issues in the world economy and the promotion of international economic cooperation and exchange, based in Geneva, Switzerland. The Global Future Councils are the world's leading interdisciplinary, invite-only academic network for future thinking innovation, comprised of thought leaders from politics, business, academia, and beyond, to contribute to the World Economic Forum's efforts to better understand and advance the global system in the context of rapid social and technological change, and to jointly shape intellectual support for the global, regional and industry agendas.

The Food and Water Security Council is chaired by Ms. Usha Rao-Monari, Associate Administrator of the United Nations Development Programme and Mr. Ranveer Chandra, Managing Director of Research for Industry and CTO of Agri-Food at Microsoft. Mr. Ranveer Chandra, Managing Director of Research for Industry and Chief Technology Officer of Agri-Food at Microsoft. Key members include Rejane Souza, Senior Vice President, Global Innovation, Yara International; Ishmael Sunga, CEO, Federation of Agricultural Unions of South Africa; Chris Armitage, CEO, Global Evergreen Alliance Limited; Ezgi Barcenas, Chief Sustainability Officer, Budweiser; Joyeeta Gupta, University of Amsterdam Prof. Dave Chen, Co-founder and President of Balanced Capital Group, Cao Duc Phat, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the International Rice Research Institute (former Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development of Vietnam), Prof. Chen Zhigang, China Institute of Rural Development, Zhejiang University, and 22 others.

The Global Future Council Food and Water Security Committee held its first council meeting on April 11 via ZOOM Online. The theme of the meeting discussed what kind of innovations we need to make the world safer for food and water, and a total of 22 representatives from China and related fields in Europe and the Americas attended the meeting. As a member of the Global Future Council, Prof. Chen Zhigang will work with other council members during his term of office to provide forward-looking perspectives and recommendations based on current major global trends and strategic action initiatives in their respective areas of expertise.