News| Prof. Yonghua Zhou has published an article in Public Administration Review


    Recently, the paper of Prof.Yonghua Zou from the Department of Urban Development and Management at the School of Public Affairs, Zhejiang University, entitled Urban Resilience, Digital Technologies, and the Economic Recovery of a City from the Pandemic, has been accepted for publication in the top-tier journal of public administration, Public Administration Review (PAR), and has been published online. PAR was founded in 1940 and is the most prestigious academic journal in the field of international public administration.

    The COVID-19 pandemic has devastated the world economy, which has made global economic recovery a considerable challenge. When a city experiences disasters, it needs to utilize innovative governance instruments, such as digital technologies, to foster economic recovery resilience. This article proposes a theoretical framework aimed at revealing the interconnection between digital technologies and economic recovery resilience. This article finds that digital technologies can foster economic recovery resilience by sustaining a collaborative network during disasters. This article also reveals that government-sponsored platforms, public-private partnerships, and citizen coproduction are the underlying dynamics by which digital technologies build resilience. This article provides a nuanced understanding of how digital technologies might impact the theory and practice of economic recovery resilience in the digital era.

    The team led by Professor Yonghua Zou has been focusing on the integration of urban research and public management disciplines. The team are committed to promoting dialogue between urban research and public management, and strive to enhance the academic visibility and discourse power of emerging Chinese urban management disciplines in the international mainstream public management field. In recent years, the team's research achievements have not only appeared in well-known journals in the traditional field of urban research, but also in international mainstream public management journals such as Public Administration Review, Public Management Review, Public Performance and Management Review, and Chinese Public Administration Review.