About Future Leaders Program

A 2-year English-taught program (full-time) of Master in Public Administration. It is committed to fostering future leaders in public sectors, who are fully aware of the governmental system characteristics and social-economic development status of contemporary China and other countries. They shall also be equipped with practical skills for participating in and promoting public affairs.


The program is open to every country. 15 undergraduates who are endowed with academic excellence, honesty, integrity, broad vision, sense of responsibility, mission, and the potential of leadership will be accepted into the program. The program usually commences at early September of each year.


Aiming to foster future leaders in public sector, strengthen exchanges and understanding amongst students, there are not only specialism courses, also various leadership training activities, “China Observation” field trips and “World Affairs as Responsibility” lectures. Through professional training and with the assistance of enrichment activities, students can enhance their leadership, building friendship in a multicultural environment.



Language Instruction

English is the teaching and research language of this program. ZJU also offers a basic Chinese Language course for international students, helping them enhance their ability of basic Chinese communication.



Circling around the goal of talent training, the program is designed to include a regional studies module “China in Asia” and a professional studies module “Theory and Methodology in Public Administration.”

The regional studies module “China in Asia” is committed to introduce governmental management system and social-economic development status of contemporary China. Comparison with other Asian countries will be made. It will also discuss major relationship among Asian countries in contemporary world.

The professional studies module “Theory and Methodology in Public Administration” mainly introduces the theoretical frontiers and operation tools in public administration.


Core courses

Public Budget Management

Public Human Resources Management

Research Methods of Social Science


Public Policy Formulation and Analysis

Chinese Government and Politics



Application & Scholarship

Please check the regulations from the Website of International College, Zhejiang University 

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